Attorney Peter Kelley secures Defense Verdict for Registered Nurse and Hospital in Suffolk Superior Court

December 7, 2017 - Categories: Firm News

Plaintiff brought this wrongful death claim alleging negligence by the Nurse and Hospital staff relating to the patient's fall on the Med/Surg unit of the Hospital. The Plaintiff alleged the Nurse breached the standard of care in performance of a fall risk assessment and failed to activate a bed alarm and place fall mats for the patient after designation of the patient as a fall risk. Plaintiff asserted a bed alarm would have alerted staff to the patient's attempt to get out of bed and provided time for a response to prevent the patient's fall and hip fracture. Plaintiff further claimed Hospital staff ignored the patient's call bell, which caused the patient's fall, hip fracture and ultimate demise from sepsis. the Plaintiff alleged the patient reported ringing the call bell for a long-time without response and that a Hospital staff aide independently corroborated the patient's assertion.

The jury returned its verdict finding no negligence by the Nurse and Hospital following deliberation over parts of two days.