Attorney Peter Kelley Secures Defense Verdict for Psychiatrist

April 19, 2016 - Categories: Firm News

Attorney Peter Kelley obtained a defense verdict in favor of a Psychiatrist after a five day trial in Suffolk Superior Court. The plaintiff brought claims alleging negligence and tortious interference with contractual relations arising from the psychiatrist's interview of the plaintiff as a candidate for a position with the Boston Police Department. The claims came in the wake of decisions by the Civil Service Commission and the Supreme Judicial Court, in which the psychiatric evaluations performed for the BPD and the "bypass" recommendations were roundly criticized and questioned and the plaintiff was ordered to be reinstated to the list of candidates. The plaintiff claimed the psychiatrist violated the applicable standard of care and improperly interfered in her obtaining a position with the BPD by recommending "bypass" of the plaintiff due to a "perceived" psychiatric condition. The plaintiff was eventually appointed to the BPD, but sought recovery for emotional distress and six-plus years of lost wages and benefits. The jury returned its verdict finding no negligence and no interference by the psychiatrist.